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Created and Founded by local artist Gabrielle Sheridan, Greene Wares is a thoughtfully created collection of hand-made Lifestyle Pottery that was born from a love of savouring moments.
From spoons and trinket dishes to large vases and centerpieces, Gabrielle makes each piece individually by hand at her home studio on the Sunshine Coast. 
She is self-taught and extremely passionate when it comes to her ceramics, preferring imperfect, original shapes to identical collections. This preference is seen throughout her collection, and is the result of the slow and simple approach to making her art, ensuring sustainability and originality with each unique piece.
This collection features mostly one-off pieces, however Gabrielle is no stranger to a custom order. From complete dinner sets to coffee cup sets for cafes - If you'd like your favourite piece in a set, or even to place a custom order, you can contact Gaby directly via her Instagram page, or send us an email through our website contact page. 

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